Horseshoe in my Hip Pocket - Lucky Again was published in 2010, with the second printing in 2011 and third printing in 2013. What started out to be an effort to capture some great stories, primarily for family and close friends, has turned out to be a surprising hit book

Bob and Maxine Kjos have received many wonderful letters, emails and countless phone calls from readers expressing their enjoyment in reading the book. This page is to share some of the media and reader comments.

Local Author A Lucky Man / Alaska Highway News

Bob Kjos never had any intention of becoming an author. Of all the jobs he's held in his life - outfitter, pilot, guide - writer wasn't ever on the list.
That all changed nearly 10 years ago when friends and family told him he should chronicle his life. The result was Horseshoe In My Hip Pocket: Lucky Again!Read the complete articlehere

Former Brule resident's book captures adventures of a lifetime / Edson Leader

There has been no lack of excitement in Bob Kjos's life. In fact one of the least exciting parts of his life might have been when he sat down to write a book about his life. Although writing the book may not have been exciting, its contents are anything but boring.Read the complete articlehere

Real Alberta Cowboy Tells His Story / Hinton Parklander

Exerpt: "It was a tough winter in 1948 and when we left May 24th the trails were still covered in snow," said Kjos. "Every river and creek we had to cross was running from bank to bank. With more than 30 horses we had a tough time finding places to cross. Lots of creeks were 100 feet wide".Read the complete articlehere.

Canadian Cowboy Country Review by Terri Mason

This is the autobiography of Bob Kjos; a cowboy, homesteader, outfitter and a man with more lucky horseshoes than anyone I know - or have heard of before. This exceptionally well-written book will transport you to the most amazing series of hair-razing adventures from his childhood to present day.

The author says it best when he describes it as being "from a time past and a way of life that we will never see again, when life was slowed down to the speed a horse traveled." Mind you, many of the wrecks he survived - whether is was flooding rivers, crashing airplanes, roping wildie studs or outrunning charging cow moose - were done at the speed a horse travels - when he's wide open.

It's a rollicking read full of high resolution photographs of famous and should-be-famous characters and horses. There is also the odd touch of tragedy - just enough to make the reader know Bob Kjos indeed has often been Lucky Again.

If you read only one book this year - this should be the book. Highly Recommended by Terri Mason


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